Manufacturing Process


Our extensive modeling team, who are experts in their field, use state-of-the-art programs to start the sampling process correctly.

Cutting – Sorting

Our cutting department focuses on maximum efficiency and minimum error margin. Thanks to the technological opportunities we have, we are able to use raw materials in the most efficient way for our manufacturing processes.


With our latest technology equipment, we are able to include embroidered patterns in our production processes depending on the demands of our customers. GRS certified recycled threads are used in our embroidery.


We offer transfer, flock, screen printing and digital printing solutions together with our strong partners. In the printing process, we use EU Reach certified inks that do not harm the environment.


We sew the products at international quality standards, on our state-of-the-art production lines. We use environmentally friendly and recycled materials in the sewing phase.


We carry out all of our washing processes in an Oeka-Tex approved manner. Together with our strong partners, we offer acid, pigment, antique, enzyme and silicone washing solutions.

Quality control and Shipping

Our experienced quality control team ensures that our products are error-free. Our products are packaged in a way that is ready for shipment. We also support our customers for international customs clearance and logistics.